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Now for the important bits!!
These terms and conditions MUST be read and accepted for all equiptment hire and saftey.

As a company we promise to...

*supply, assemble and collect the equipment at an agreed time.
*ensure that all the equipment is regularly inspected to ensure a high level of maintenance.
*put up and take down all equipment safely.

Due to the summer season being bussy,we do not do over night hires unless its for a big event.


Due to the nature and size of these inflateables and heath and saftey law,full supervision MUST be attended at ALL times while inflateables are in use.
If these inflateables are used for event partys,the same rules above apply.If the inflateables are
OVERLOADED with guests the hirer may be charged for damages and missuse of the equiptment.If equiptment is found to be missused the hirer will be charged for any damages and losses of income for cancelation of other bookings due to a unit being out of service due to repairs.There is no alcohol or smoking permitted on the equiptment at all times.
If injury has happend due to missuse or overloading the inflateables,ALL STAR BOUNCERS will not take responcibility for any cost due to missuse.
As all inflateables...

As the hirer you must ensure...

*that there is sufficient space for the equipment.  There should be at least 1.5m of clear space around the inflatables.
*that the inflatables are not moved once installed.
*that all footwear, shoes and glasses are removed before entering the inflatables.  We recommend that socks are worn at all times.
*that children are supervised at ALL times.
*that our safety notice is displayed at all times.
*that only the recommended number of children use the inflatables at any one time.
*that no one jumps or climbs on the walls.
* that no face paints, party poppers, balloons, coloured streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the inflatables.
*that no BBQs are placed near the inflatables.
*that children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
*that no pets are allowed on the inflatables.

*that if the inflatable is not being used for any part of the day, the blower is switched off at the mains.
*that no-one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the inflatable, as indeed any child who is feeling unwell.
*that no one attempts somersaults.
*that the unit is not used in wind speeds in excess of  20mph.
*that no adults use units hired for children.
*that no person under the influence of drink or drugs uses or supervises the use of the equipment.
*that no users obstruct the entrance or the exit of the unit.
*that no one bounces on the front step, always stay within the inflatable walls.
*that if the unit becomes wet or slippery, ensure that it is thoroughly dried with a towel before recommencing use.
*that no sharp objects are taken on to the inflatable.
*that strictly no food, drink, glasses, sticky sweets, lollies, buckles, pens, handbags, badges, toys etc. to be taken on the inflatable.
*that no smoking is permitted in or around the inflatable.
*that power connections should either be covered or under shelter in the event of rain.
*that small children are not on the inflatable with larger children at the same time.
*that no one enters the inflatable unless it is fully inflated.
*that the inflatables are not used in heavy rain.
*that care is taken when walking around the inflatable as it is held down by pegs and sand bags.
*that should any of our equipment (the inflatable, blower, extension leads, safety mats, pegs,signs) be lost or stolen whilst in your care, then the hirer will be held responsible and bear the full cost of replacing any of the missing item(s).

*that no water or other fluids are sprayed onto the inflatables.
* If you are hiring the super giant slide for private use,the slide
MUST be maned at ALL times for all saftey of the users and for safe operational use.If no one is availabe for this,a supervised employee will be there with the slide.

These terms and conditions are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are fully adhered to at all times. All Star Bouncers cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.
All persons using any of the hire equiptment do so at their own risk.

A cleaning charge will be made to the hirer in the event that restricted items, mentioned above, are taken on to the inflatable, or the inflatable is returned in a condition beyond what would be expected from normal use.

Any person/organisation hiring our inflatables are responsible/liable for any damage or injuries which occur as a direct result of the misuse of reckless use of the equipment. 

In the event of damage to the inflatable due to inappropriate use or malicious acts the hirer will be responsible for the full cost of repair.

*  Cancelation
    EVENTS :
If you have to cancel your  party for any reason,you will have to give us 48 hrs NOTICE prior to your event.This is because other bookings may be taken for the same time as your part.If no contact is made by any means from you or your party, you will be liable for  FULL PAYMENT of the event to cover cost of other lost bookings,delivery and staff costs and when we show up to the event and no notice has been given of cancelation.It is up to the hirer to make contact for cancelation not all star bouncers.We will be pleased to rearange your party if you need to cancel for another time.
If we show up to your event and then you deside you do not want the inflateabe or refuse to supervise the inflateable,Full payment will need to be paid in full.
If the equpitment is of a different type and the hirer still wants the equiptment for their party,then full quoted price will have to be paid.Payment for all hires is via bank BACS or cash on delivery.We do NOT accept cash payments after the party or event.If the hirer dose not want to pay the fee until the end of the party,we then will take the equiptment away.
*  Deposits  :
All deposits are non refundable.
*  Cancelation
   private hire:
If you have arranged an event and have paid in advance,Refunds are only refundable if you have givin us prior notice in advanced before we arrive at your event 48 hours for what ever reason including weather that you need to cancel,contact must be made either the day before or first thing in the morning of the event.If no contact has been made from the hirer at least 48 hours prior to the event, and we show up to the event site and then told that the event is canceled,Then NO refund can be refunded as monies have been used for staff,fuel,our time and travel and other items prepared for your event.
Once we leave our base,NO REFUNDS will be refundable.